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CRM Strategy

Successful CRM strategy requires a holistic approach and clear definition of role and operations within the organization.

CRM For Excellence

According to Gartner research, 75% of CRM systems fail within three years. According to the same research, 69% of CRM projects have little impact on sales performance. Purpose-based CRM strategy, campaign planning, and field operation design are essential elements for sustainable success.

Many companies treat CRM as an IT project and execute CRM programs as ordinary technology projects within the company. What they miss is CRM is not a technology project, but a customer-centric culture that requires a holistic approach. Our CRM consultants are creating CRM Health Check reports for our clients and assessing their current capabilities both technologically and strategically. We are identifying required capability gaps and providing suggestions for process, technology, and reporting fields.

CRM requires high commitment from people and management and high-quality data and infrastructure. What about your organization?

Every industry, every company has its own unique way of working. However when it comes to CRM, sometimes it is hard to reflect your capabilities. In our strategy, CRM is not just a tool that requires a pipeline process reflection. It is much more than that, and we are creating an end-to-end customer-centric CRM organization.

How do you asses your organization on…

  • Customer portfolio analysis

  • Customer intimacy

  • Your network development capabilities (suppliers, customers, stakeholders, partners, employees)

  • Your value proposition

  • Your customer lifecycle management

But is your organization ready for primary CRM activities?

  • Commitment of your leadership and your company's culture:

    Lack of commitment from your leadership will lead to failure in your CRM. If your company culture is not ready, you will face huge resistance from your people. However, there are many solutions for such problems.

  • Your data and information technology infrastructure:

    You may already be using a tool or custom-designed system, or you may be just starting your journey. Our consultants have experience with various tools from Salesforce to SAP, custom systems to Zoho CRM, and are ready to help you with your infrastructure design and reporting strategy. We are always working with subject matter experts to implement tools.

  • Your people:

    First, you need a clearly defined CRM team and process structure. Your team will need training according to your technology choice and strategy. Every person in your organization needs to understand the need and benefit of the CRM.

  • Your process:

    Your internal and external processes should be reflected in your CRM system. In the end, we are all expecting high levels of automation on various processes with clear monitoring capabilities. Our consultants are working on your internal processes and creating your reporting structure for each process according to your goals and values.

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