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People & Organization

Grow steadily with our organization design and people management practices.

How We Can Help?

One of the important aspects of a sustainable growth strategy is considering your organizational context. Our team is not just redoing your organizational structure just because it might not fit the occasion. There are 3 key parts to organizational change.

Structure, Roles & Performance

Your company's structure should align with your mission and long-term goals. Recruiting talents according to clearly defined roles is essential. Does your organization's structure serve your long-term goals? Do you think your team has the required skill-set and capabilities to exceed performance criteria? Do you offer a clear career path and motivation to your employees? Are you satisfied with your performance metrics in every work group/department?

Get the best performance out of your people

Pay, benefits, and promotion structure are still important, but people management is all about creating desired behavior and getting the best performance out of your people. If you are familiar with behavioral economics and psychology, you may have heard the term "nudges." Nudge theory is a concept in behavioral economics, decision making, consumer behavior, and related behavioral sciences that proposes adaptive designs of the decision environment as ways to influence the behavior and decision-making of groups or individuals. Behavioral change is more than just pay, benefits and promotions. We are not offering trade-offs, but providing new tools in our performance boosting strategies. Our consultants are working with subject matter experts to build a best-in-class team with desired behaviors group by group.


Leadership is one of the most important elements of your company culture and your employees' performance. Resilience and positivity are highly important in today's working environment. We know that positive leaders are effecting organizations' behavior substantially. But how can we create positive leaders? How should leaders assess company and individual performances? Is there any balance between hard and soft results in today's business environment?

There are many questions around leadership in the business environment and many researchers have been working on this topic for a long time. We work with industry leaders to create resiliency and positivity in their leadership.

New Way of Working

Today, technology shapes our business environment no matter what industry we're in. Collaborative work between teams in different domains is essential for success. Business, technology, and design teams need to work together effectively with measurable outcomes.

We are combining our approach with data science, agile management, OKRs and all emerging methodologies that fits to your organization.

Our team of consultants work directly with your teams to assess their capabilities according to today's essential skills. We are developing an innovative upskilling program for various departments according to industry trends and your company's long-term goals. Your people investment is safe with Sigmoid.

Research & Ideas

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