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Parallel Lines


Business transformation is essential for surviving competition and ensuring sustainable financial growth.

Business Transformation Services

Business transformation is the process that is used to restructure economies, institutions and society on a system level. Our consultants work side-by-side with our clients to help them transform their business and set their transformation goals according to their industry and current situation. Growth Consulting, Loyalty Marketing Management

But except cost cutting and disruptive models, what are outcomes of business transformation activities?

Quantitative Growth

Increase in the number of transactions or the frequency of transactions with existing customers. In this case, there are no innovative activities, thus quantitative changes do not cause a transformation in the business model architecture.

Incremental Innovation

Base components of the business model are smoothly modified, or mutual relations between its elements are evolutionary modified. Incremental innovation is an innovation of low novelty level, which usually translates into lower risk and lower costs, but also has lower effect on the financial result. Incremental changes are gradual and do not interfere deeply in the architecture of the business model. This remains in accordance with the overall characteristics of incremental innovation, which refer to relatively small adaptations of existing products, that is, only small changes in technology, design, product restart, and the line extension, adding an attribute to existing service.

Radical Innovation

Involves a constant internal revolutionized of existing technologies and production methods, continuous destruction of the old ones and creation of the new, more effective ones. Such an approach to innovation indicates their high novelty level and thus incorporates high risk and also great opportunities and challenges. When relating radical innovation to the business model, it should be stated that it causes fundamental transformations in the model elements or construction. Emphasize that overall radical changes in the business model usually include focusing on new markets, new customer segments, but also relate to the company response to new challenges. In addition, radical transformations of the business model may affect the competitiveness of the industry, resulting in the alteration of its existing principles of market conduct.

We are helping our clients with our unique transformation journey approach.


Customer Experience (CX) in Digital Era

We designed Sigmoid Partners' structure around strategy, technology, and design capabilities for a reason. Our customer experience team is a hybrid team that includes strategy advisors, design professionals, and technology consultants. We are building cutting-edge customer experience strategies and products for our clients and as a ‘key result,’ consultants we are playing for sustainable financial growth for your company.

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