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Medical Tourism Strategies in Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry

Medical tourism is rapidly rising in the healthcare industry, especially in the cosmetic surgery and dentistry verticals. In these turbulent times, economic shrinkage is bringing new opportunities to healthcare organizations. One of the hottest areas is medical tourism.

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Our World is Changing

We have made it through the pandemics, but both developed and emerging countries are facing high inflation and increasing unemployment rates. Support packages are promising, but the Ukraine-Russia war may create a shrinking wallet in households due to increase in energy prices. European healthcare organizations are looking for medical tourism opportunities. Turkey dominates the medical tourism market in the Middle East and Africa region with a $2.09 billion market size in 2021. Accreditation has become an important aspect due to the increase in black market operations in medical surgeries and the need for international recognition of more stringent operations. UK and Spain have lots of potential for both European and US patients.

Cosmetic surgery and dentistry are leading the medical tourism market. In cosmetic surgery, the woman segment has a 86% share, but the man segment is increasing its share every year. Eyelid surgery and liposuction are the most popular services among both man and woman.

Is your organization ready?

Domestic or international patients, advanced technology and quality care standards are most important factors in patient decision-making. Assessment of your frontline and back-office operations with technological maturity is very critical for advancement. Do you measure your service quality standards regularly and accurately?

Most international patient journeys become complex and require standardized business procedures. There are many things to check and apply to your organization before it becomes unbreakable. From targeting a patient segment digitally to managing airport transfers, every stage should have quality standards and accurate staff numbers.

Customer centric medical tourism organizations needs a solid CRM and digital marketing strategy

CRM is a core business strategy that integrates internal process and functions and external networks. Successful CRM strategy requires a holistic approach and clear definition of role and operations within the organization. CRM requires high commitment from people and management and high-quality data and infrastructure. What about your organization? Do you have a CRM implementation strategy? How do you asses your capabilities ?

Tool selection is another important part if you still does not have any CRM system. CRM creates real value for healthcare organizations by facilitating continuous improvement. Your tool selection should be based on your long-term CRM strategy. One of the main outputs of your CRM system is accountability and reporting. From budgeting to customer satisfaction scores, you should orchestrate all your internal functions within a single system.

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