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Sales & Marketing

Both sales organizations and marketing teams are changing and becoming more cross-functional and data-driven.
Are you ready?

How We Can Help?

Today, sales and marketing teams are more digital, more agile, and more importantly, more customer-centric. In this era, we can't imagine sales and marketing teams without a culture of testing and learning. Our team of consultants are helping institutions in various domains, from CRM and sales strategy to retention marketing (loyalty marketing), go-to-market, digital marketing and budgeting. Our transformation team is also collaborating with our sales and marketing teams to provide best-in-class digital management and automation for your operations.

We're ready to help you with data-driven marketing and sales strategy.

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CRM is a core business strategy that integrates internal process and functions and external networks. Successful CRM strategy requires a holistic approach and clear definition of role and operations within the organization.

Visit our CRM Strategy Page for more details.

Sales Strategy & Organization

It is essential to have a solid sales organization to pursue a successful business. Sigmoid consultancy helps companies improve their sales processes and determine the right strategy for profitable growth.

For centuries, we know that retaining customers is the most profitable way for growth and your churn rate is directly affecting your company valuation, as it is directly tied to your marketing spendings. From data-driven, tactical campaign creation to loyalty program design, our consultants are directly affecting your churn rate while boosting average order values for your loyal customers.

Visit our Retention Marketing Page for more details.

Social Media Content Strategy

Social media advertising spending reached $226 billion in 2022, with a 22.6% growth rate compared to the previous year. Various researches show that it will grow exponentially and every firm wants to optimize their ad spending with an engaging content strategy. Sigmoid digital marketing consultants are helping you about your channel choice and creating your social media content strategy according to industry benchmarks and our creative content creation process.

Research & Ideas

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