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Retention Marketing

We have extensive experience in loyalty program design, tactical retention campaign design and execution, and KPI design and monitoring.

How We Can Help?

Retention marketing is a set of practices that aims to retain customers and decrease your churn rate. Use marketing tactics to introduce new products and services as a retention tactic, rather than as a means of market penetration.


Retention marketing practices can include improving customer service, lower pricing for customers who have been with the company for longer, and providing loyalty programs. However, data-driven marketing teams are using behavioral data to choose the best possible campaign model and provide low-incentive benefits to customers.

Our consultants have extensive experience in loyalty program design, tactical retention campaign design and execution, and KPI design and monitoring.

Explore our retention marketing services:

Loyalty Program Design

The key to being successful in the customer-driven world is understanding the needs/expectation of your customers and what they expect. This is done by providing them with a personalized experience. A new era of marketing has emerged in the form of behavioral science and it is changing the way companies go about understanding and targeting customers. Our loyalty program design service creates loyalty programs from scratch or re-designs existing programs with flexible campaign execution capabilities, partner strategy, KPI & OKR design and reporting capabilities. Our team of consultants has extensive experience in both B2B and B2C sectors.

Loyalty Program Management

In our practice, successful loyalty program management requires six key activities:

  • Monitoring KPIs and/or OKRs with an automated reporting structure

  • Frequent user behavior analysis according to program targets

  • Flexible, creative and test based campaign strategy and execution

  • Sustainable budget allocation, control and management

  • Partnership strategy with third party brands/applications

  • Proactive churn management strategy and execution

We are allocating the required number of operations specialists for your day-to-day operations and our consultants are assessing every number with your management team to improve your loyalty program strategy along the way.

Campaign Strategy & Design

There are many ways to create acquisition and retention campaigns for your brand. If you want to be a flexible campaign executor, you need a flexible campaign engine with strong IT skills. That is why we are starting our job with the assessment of your digital campaign execution capabilities with our transformation and marketing consultants.

After our capability assessment, our consultants are creating your Campaign Strategy and Design Capability report, highlighting required improvement areas. In the meantime, our marketing advisory team is analyzing your customer data (both applicable for B2B and B2C) and creating current user segments according to acquisition and retention targets that we will create with your shareholders.

In our final report, we are creating a blueprint of your campaign strategy with the required campaign types. In the "No Regrets" section of our report, we are presenting the "must have" campaign types for specified customer groups and their budget and ROI targets with A/B test results. Our team of consultants will work directly with your marketing team both during testing and execution.

The future of customer engagement and experience will be driven by data. Find out how we can help you generate targeted campaign structures and customer insights quickly with our strategy and analytics capabilities.

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